By utilising only premium brand equipment such as Caterpillar, Komatsu and Hitachi we are able to hire plant out with the confidence that we are offering the “best you can buy” to our clients giving them the advantage of increased efficiency and productivity.

We strive to maintain our equipment to the highest standards and have a standard policy to replace equipment at determined intervals to ensure all plant is late model and meeting all Environmental and Australian Design Standards and Laws.


Our current fleet consists of the following:

Excavators – Reduced Radius

5t, 8t, 13t, 22t

Excavators - Standard

21t, 22t, 23t, 24t, 29t, 35t, 36t, 45t, 47t, 85t


D6 to D9


140M to 14M


  • EXCAVATORS : We offer Caterpillar, Komatsu and Hitachi Excavators including new generation HYBRID machines ranging in weight class from 5 to 80 ton. The majority of our Excavators are fitted with tilting quick hitches and GPS. We run two standard hitch pick up sizes across our fleet enabling our range of attachments to be carried by any brand of machine. Our Excavators are predominantly fitted with high capacity Two Pump Flow hydraulics enabling the fitment of a vast range of high powered hydraulic attachments.
  • GRADERS : We offer only Caterpillar “M” Series Graders believing the technological advantages, operator acceptance and most importantly client and job site acceptance as being key factors over other brands. All Graders are GPS equipped and able to utilise Total Station Control.
  • BULLDOZERS We offer only Caterpillar Bulldozers ranging in sizes from D6 to D9. Once again believing their long held high regard within the industry and job site acceptance as key attributes to our business. Our Dozers can be made available with GPS including TopCon 3DMC2 Automated Blade Control which has revolutionised a Dozers capacity as a fast efficient final trim machine.
  • ARTICULATTED DUMP TRUCKS : We offer Caterpillar 40 tonne payload rated dump trucks which, as well as being fitted with all standard safety equipment are also fitted with tipping angle sensors to increase operator and site safety.
  • OTHER EQUIPMENT With the ever changing conditions and circumstances within the earthmoving industry we have placed ourselves in a position where we are able to react quickly to the changing requirements of our clients. We have strived to maintain mutually beneficial relationships with other contractors in the industry and with leading equipment dealers therefore should a client be looking for a specific piece of plant we do not immediately have available we can access this network and fulfil the customers’ requirements.