Managing Director – Nick Duke

Administration/Compliance Manager – Pam Munro

Business Development Manager - John Oosthuizen

Accounts Payable – Carolyn Felton

Accounts Receivable - Rachelle Lew

Based in Southeast QLD, we are well placed to service and administer all our equipment and cliental which can range from North to Southwest Queensland and into the Northwest and Central New South Wales.

We have a small but efficient administrative team able to adapt and oversee all aspects of the business and our staff of operators are held in high regard within the industry for their above average skills and operating abilities.  We put a strong focus in ensuring that our customers are satisfied with the level of skill they are receiving from our operators and will not hesitate to make alterations should there be an issue.

We have a large workshop at our main facility able to undertake any degree of repair or manufacturing as well as a fully equipped Field Service Vehicle. Both Nick and Business Development Manager, John Oothuizen are qualified diesel technicians enabling them to oversee all repair and maintenance work along with workshop staff to maintain our equipment to the highest standards.