To enable Duke Contracting Australia to maximise uptime and efficiency of the core business, being plant hire, Duke Heavy Haulage was created to help achieve these goals.

Through experience we have found it beneficial to ourselves and our clients to have transportation of our own equipment handled “in house”. This has helped eliminate issues with third party carriers being unavailable when it best suits ourselves and our clients or being let down by their poor time management or mechanical failures.

The ability for us to “go now” has greatly increased our uptime on site as we do not have equipment “parked” and not being productive while we wait for it to be relocated. To coin an old transport fraise, when our customer calls – WE HAUL – no delay!

Although not a prominent focus of Duke Heavy Haulage we undertake outside work when and where it will not affect our own transport requirements to supplement the productivity of our fleet. In particular we are always willing to make this service available to our principal clients as a part of our focus to offer “The Whole Package”.