Duke Contracting Australia offer a full range of attachments to fit all class size excavators. We have standardised our hitch pick up to two sizes to gain further versatility across our fleet.

Current Attachments available include:-

  • BUCKETS : As a minimum each excavator has its own Mud and GP bucket. We can then supply further equipment to suit site requirements such as specific sized trenching buckets from 300mm to 1200mm.


  • SIEVE BUCKETS/RAKES : We have available a range of  sieve buckets for on-site processing of fill or contaminated materials and also Rock and Vegetation Rakes for site clearing.

  • HYDRAULIC HAMMERS : We have available premium brand Hammers such as Montabert and Rammer ranging in carry weight from 5 to 65 tonne. These are proven performers in the industry able to achieve high productivity with minimal downtime.


  • HYDRAULIC SHEARS : We have available LaBounty HWS 60 Hydraulic shears. These are proven performers on 35 to 45 tonne excavators, increasing productivity over standard Static Bar Shears with increased blade pressure enabling larger diameter trunks to be processed with short cycle times.

  • HYDRAULIC GRAB : We have available LaBounty 120 Hydraulic 5 Finger Grabs. With carry weights ranging from 25 to 45 tonne. This is a versatile attachment for use in vegetation clearing and demolition work. It has distinct advantages over standard Static Bar Grabs in that the carrier excavator retains the use of the crowd linkage function giving greater versatility and productivity.

  • OTHER EQUIPMENT : As with our mobile plant, we can quickly source any alternative or extra attachments required to fulfil a customer’s specific requirement.