Duke Contracting Australia

At Duke Contracting Australia we specialise in providing earthmoving equipment for hire to both the Civil and Mining sectors. We are direct suppliers to prominent Tier 1 companies such as Lend Lease, Thiess and Leighton’s. We are able to provide an extensive range of equipment to suit any specific requirement including Excavators, Graders, Bulldozers and Dump Trucks. Our fleet consists of leading brand late model machinery which we maintain to all OEM requirements as a minimum and which are specified to exceed all Australian job site requirements.

We believe that by continually assessing and incorporating new technology into our business we can strive to achieve an advantage in a competitive industry and as such we have been very proactive in integrating Global Positioning Systems into our daily operations in unison with our cliental. Starting with this technology approximately 10 years ago with the purchase of several Microfen 2D Excavator systems we have progressed over time to the point where the majority of our Excavators and Bulldozers now utilise either TopCon or Trimble G.P.S control and our Graders are able to operate on a basic 2D system right through 3D-G.P.S, UTS and Miller meter to incorporating Total Station Control.

We are able to provide an extensive range of machine attachments for our Excavators to suit specific site requirements, ranging from general purpose buckets to specific sized trenching buckets and Hydraulic Rock Breakers and dedicated Vegetation Clearing equipment. The majority of our excavators are also fitted with Tilting Quick Hitches which enable us to maximise the benefits of the GPS control with different application attachments.

At Duke Contracting Australia we have realised the importance of not only lowering our own Carbon Foot Print but to also help our principal clients achieve their goals with regard to minimising the environmental impacts on large projects. At the forefront of this commitment we have invested in new generation Hybrid Excavators which have proven to be able to achieve reduced fuel consumption. We believe the long term benefits of this technology can only have a positive impact on our business, the industry and environment as a whole.